Remortgage Simplified
for the Self-Employed

While other brokers may struggle, we confidently secure mortgages for business owners. We specialise in helping self-employed individuals like you. Unlock your remortgaging potential with our expert guidance.

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A Mortgage is a loan secured against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not maintain repayments on your mortgage or any other load secured against it.

Independent Mortgage Expert in London

The latest mortgage deals tailored to the self-employed, from an independent mortgage broker. We provide a free no-obligation quote. Find out how we can help.

Expert Guidance
for Self-Employed

We specialise in mortgages for the self-employed, from sole traders, to contractors, directors of limited companies, and freelancers.

Financial Understanding

With extensive experience of working with accountants, we know how to best interpret and present your company accounts to a mortgage underwriter, to help you maximise your chances of securing a great deal.

Mortgage Assessments

Each self-employed and business is unique, and we get it. Whether we need to consider retained profits rather than dividends in order to maximise your borrowing potential, we will tailor our approach to what is best for you and your goals.

for Challenging Cases

Even if you have faced a rejection from the high-street, or are a new business owner with limited financial history, we have access to specialist lenders to help secure you a mortgage.

Independent Broker
with Access to Leading Rates

We are independent, and have access to thousands of rates from 90+ lenders, so you can rest assured that we will find what is best for you.

Experienced and
Knowledgeable Team

We have over 20 years’ experience in the mortgage and property market. Our team of advisers are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and yet accessible and ready to help.

Expert at your service.

A mortgage is a big decision and a major commitment – 4 out of 5 people seek advice
from a broker, and many come to Your Mortgage Experts for the quality of the advice
and expertise brought to you by the team.

Get Started Now

Start the process online with a few clicks to let our experienced team get you a fast decision with your mortgage.

What we bring to you

  • Experience: with 20 years in the industry, and understanding of the property and mortgage market, to provide sound advice
  • Knowledge & technical competence: across mortgage underwriting requirements & eligibility, to get your mortgage approved
  • Dedication: to get to know you as a customer, and provide bespoke, tailored and quality mortgage advice
  • We have access to more than 90 mortgage lenders, from mainstream to specialists, with thousands of products, to help find a solution that is right and most cost effective for you

And what we are not…

  • We are not a large call-centre style brokerage, with possibly a wide range of experience levels across staff
  • We do not time-box our client conversations to short chats, before making a potentially life changing mortgage advice recommendation
  • Dedication: to get to know you as a customer, and provide bespoke, tailored and quality mortgage advice
  • We have access to more than 90 mortgage lenders, from mainstream to specialists, with thousands of products, to help find a solution that is right and most cost effective for you

Some of our happy clients

Hear what our happy clients say about us. We have helped self-employed just like yourself to save £££ by remortgage.

Alexandra Adela Pelivan
Alexandra Adela Pelivan
19 May 2023
We worked with Luca for our first ever house buy. He is very knowledgeable and really works hard to provide you with the best solution for your needs. He answers calls and emails promptly and is there for you if you have any additional questions! He even contacted us when a better offer was available on the market and quickly applied for it so that we can get a better deal. Thanks Luca!
abiharan sivanadarajah
abiharan sivanadarajah
21 April 2023
I encountered Luca's services via Google and haven't regretted my choice. He has methodically, expertly and calmly navigated through a rather difficult set of circumstances to get me a mortgage offer for my property purchase. In this time he has navigated various hurdles including the potential expiration of the offer by working tirelessly with the lender to ensure I'm happy. I would highly recommend Luca's services if you're looking to secure a mortgage with the best possible rate. He is honest and open and works in your best interest.
Nathan Paterson
Nathan Paterson
8 April 2023
Luca was simply fantastic from start to finish as a mortgage advisor. He was readily available to answer my queries, a true expert in his profession, and a trusted source of invaluable advice in my home-buying journey. I highly recommend his services.
Virga Virga
Virga Virga
6 April 2023
I had the pleasure of working with Luca Bertolino recently and cannot recommend his services highly enough. As I was having remortgage i was nervous about the mortgage process and had many questions. Luca was patient, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. From our initial consultation to the final closing, Luca was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance. He took the time to explain the different types of mortgages and helped us find the one that was the best fit for our financial situation. Additionally, Luca went above and beyond to ensure that the process was as smooth and stress-free as possible. He kept us updated on the progress of our application and worked closely with the lender to make sure everything was on track. Overall, I had an excellent experience working with Luca and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a mortgage advisor. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients make him stand out in a crowded industry. Virginia
Lorenzo Bencivenni
Lorenzo Bencivenni
24 March 2023
Thank you so much to Luca of Your Mortgage Experts. Buying a property is really stressful, but Luca made it really easy for me and my partner. Really knowledgeable and always professional and available. I recommend him to everyone that is going to the same process. Thanks again
Rachael Cole
Rachael Cole
20 March 2023
Luca has been brilliant throughout the entire mortgage application process; offering explanations and advice in a clear, concise and friendly manner. He acted quickly and efficiently when needed and within my best interests. Would highly recommend, especially to first time buyers.
Joshua Le Cornu
Joshua Le Cornu
21 February 2023
Luca was excellent and provided great service from the start. Made the mortgage application process smooth and offered well thought out advice on numerous different aspects!
Aleksandra M.
Aleksandra M.
26 October 2022
Luca is amazing broker! No matter where you look you won’t find a better broker then him. He is so passionate and determined to do his job properly and in the timely manner.He ensured us that we understood the process and he explained very well every step of the way.He dedicated his time to us and we are very thankful to him.He is so polite, kind and pleasant.He is the person who you can trust.It was our first mortgage and it went very smoothly.He knew it exactly who would be the best lender for us and with who to apply.And the best of all his prices are very affordable compared to others. We would recommend Luca to anyone. One of the best customer experience ever! Words cannot explain our satisfaction and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing a mortgage can often be a challenge and a very long-winded process. All this can add up to a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle. At Your Mortgage Experts we will do all the hard work for you, from application through to completion. Because we search from across the whole of market, we are sure to find you the great deal that will suit your needs and circumstances.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of finance. We work with accountants regularly and have the knowledge and experience to correctly read through your company accounts, how you receive your income, and the value that your business generates. This means that we know how to maximise your business borrowing potential.

In the unfortunate event that you are turned down, you could end up with a trail on your credit record, that could make it more difficult to get a future successful application with another lender.

When presenting your business accounts to a mortgage underwriter, our team takes into consideration various factors such as your income, expenses, the sector that you operate in, your track record and your overall financial stability. We make sure that your company’s financial information is discussed in a clear and comprehensive manner, to demonstrate your capacity to repay the loan. This comes as a result of our knowledge and experience, that will let us present you and your business in the most effective way in order to give you the best chances of approval.

When it comes to getting a mortgage, traditional lenders often only consider your salary and dividends as sources of income. However, we understand that the net profit of your business is also a crucial factor in determining your ability to repay a mortgage. You may also have a range of income sources and all need to be considered in the most effective way. Every business is unique and one size doesn’t fit all, so we work closely with you to understand your financial situation and tailor our approach with lenders that are most suited to meet your needs. Ultimately, we take the time to evaluate your business to reveal its true potential, and in doing so we may be able to help you borrow more money with your mortgage.

Yes, we would like to help you and see how we may make a difference. We have access to specialist lenders that best understand the more complex needs of business owners and limited company directors. This means that if you have a complex background or you have been rejected by a mainstream lender, we may still be able to help you.

Yes, we would also like to help you with that. The majority of lenders require at least 2 years trading history. However, depending on your circumstances it is also possible to get a mortgage if you only have a one year’s accounts history.

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